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A Letter from the Editors of Synthesis

Updated: Mar 23, 2021

We, the Editors-in-Chief of Synthesis, are incredibly excited to share the launch of the Synthesis Blog with this inaugural post!

As part of our continued efforts to expand the accessibility of Synthesis as a true forum for scholarly thought in the history of science and adjacent fields, we hope that this new format will allow students from all over the world to share their opinions on a broad range of salient topics. Join us in discussing pressing issues of gender, race, social power and representation in science, and so much more. We encourage our readers to share all forms of commentary, from book reviews to creative multimedia projects. Please consider contributing to the conversation by submitting your work here.

Stay tuned for original content and thematic blog series from our team, along with profiles of underappreciated historical figures and interviews with contemporary experts in the field!


John Schaefer & Alyssa Panton


John Schaefer Alyssa Panton

Meet the Blog Team

Colman Freel, Blog Committee Chair

Colman is a third-year biology, leadership, and global health student at the University of Wisconsin—Madison, where he studies cardiovascular disease in children from complicated pregnancies. An advocate for STEM accessibility using new media, Colman joined Synthesis to oversee the creation of the new blog as the Blog Committee Chair.

“I am excited to welcome new students to the history of science and showcase outstanding work from my fellow undergraduate researchers"

Haesung Jee, Layout & Design Editor

Haesung ('23/24) is an Associate Editor and the Design & Layout Editor for Synthesis. Currently, on a gap year, she lives in Los Angeles but is hoping to move in with her fellow Winthropians on campus next fall. Haesung's interests include the history of medicine and biotechnology, nationalism/national identity formation, and sustainable food science. In her free time, she tries new coffee and tea latte recipes, reminisces about visiting museums before the pandemic, and watches trashy action flicks to destress.

Fechi Inyama, Communications Director

Fechi is a first-year student at Harvard College studying Integrative Biology and Microbial Sciences, with a focus on how the gut microbiome translates into human physiological health. Her interest in the history of science led her to join Synthesis, and as the Communications Director, she oversees the journal’s publicity and social media presence.

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